About Konte Media

Mr. Konte’s first glimpse of a TV was as a kid in a neighbor’s trailer. “Even though the picture was extremely fuzzy I was hooked.”

Since that “fateful day” Mr. Konte has produced feature film, produced and/or directed hundreds of broadcast television programs, commercials, and corporate video productions, with talent ranging from William Shatner, to Tim Allen. His skill set also includes music composition and scoring, film and video editing, as well as designing, supervising, and compositing special effects.

“Working through my first year of college at a local TV station I set the lights and sets, as well as running the huge RCA cameras for the afternoon’s live broadcasts, evening news, sports, and weather. After the news I cut the evening’s commercials into the reels of 16mm programs for the film chain.”

His TV career was interrupted by a passion for music. He went all in and his musical career blossomed. Within three years he had written, recorded, and performed his #1 song, Ride Captain Ride, on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand.

With that start he was awarded numerous Gold Records as a member of the bands, Blues Image and Three Dog Night.

Transforming from a performing artist to a record producer, a production facility was in the cards. Konte supervised the design, construction, engineering, and staffing of IAM (International Automated Media), his 25,000 square foot stare-of-the-art recording and video production studio.

That facility gave him the opportunity to work with iconic musical talents including Stevie Wonder, Kenny Loggins, and a host of recording artists and record companies. As a record producer his work scored multiple chart records and awards, including a Grammy nomination (Soul Gospel – Cornerstone by Leon Patillo), and a Dove award (Gospel Album of the Year – Producer) from that studio.

The daily tasks of running a facility were swamping his creative passion. Skip sold the facility and began crafting music and television as a producer, director, and writer.

As the production business took off, a home base to conceive, develop, and finish Konte’s productions was needed. A film and video post production facility was the answer. With Skip’s design, and engineering by David A Canning, The Edit Bay’s three editing suites filled the bill.

Over the next few years his clients included such heavyweights as ESPN and Walt Disney Productions, as well as varied corporate clients including Lexus, Toshiba, and Toyota.

With incredible leaps taking place in technology, a new post production facility was needed to create in the digital domain. Again, supervising the design and construction, with Dave Canning engineering, a new state-of-the-art post production facility with three AVID & Discrete Logic digital editing suites became Konte Media’s new home.

After producing, directing, and writing for numerous television, commercial, and corporate clients, producing nine years of the National Hot Rod Association Awards Ceremonies for ESPN, and being Broadcast Producer for seven of Blizzard Entertainment’s BlizzCon events, managing a production facility again collided with his creative passion. Skip closed his public facility and moved to his private studio to concentrate on writing, producing, and directing.

Over the last few years Skip’s creative talent and experience have expanded into the arena of feature films. “Film making is the only craft I know that combines all the artistic disciplines where my creative passion thrives.”

Mr. Konte’s film projects span a variety of genres, from Sci-fi, Drama, Fantasy, to a period Western, The Outsider – a Skip Konte Production, distributed worldwide. He is slated to direct a Romantic Dramedy, and is in development on, Meridian, a Sci-fi thriller, and Highland End, a medieval fantasy.

Skip Konte is a visionary with over forty years of creative experience. As a producer, director, and writer, he has a proven track record of production expertise crafting engaging broadcasts, films, commercials, and music.