Meridian Journal: Meridian
In a dystopian universe a fragile young woman is hiding a deadly secret, and must realize her powerful truth before crossing the Meridian – the line between day and night… love and hate… good and evil… life and death.

Highland End
Travel to a land where your heart will live forever, a place where man and beast exist in their on world, where the spirit of man’s soul lies between darkness and light, and in the eye of the enemy man’s courage will be born again.

The Veil
Detectives Michael Valour and Frank Panzaro investigate a string of unexplained homicides, and their search for the truth points to a dark and vicious cult withing the police force.

The Outsider
When a lie becomes an obsession, and greed and gunfire erupt near a small cattle town in Colorado, a widower will be pushed to his limits to protect his young daughter.

Cyber Planet
Can the children of a workaholic video game developer save their father from the catastrophic solar flair disturbance of a new high-tech global internet server satellite, that changes the course of an April Fools’ prank and threatens his life.

Raging Wind
A young woman disguised as a boy to hide from societal repression becomes an unsuspecting hero that saves her homeland from certain destruction.

Meridian Journal: The Human Edge
Kidnapped on her wedding day, a girls life is changed forever when she fights to save her life from enslavement and destruction by a dark, powerful underworld.

Fire and Water
Based on a true story, a wide-eyed young woman’s desires and ambitions take her into a dark and seedy environment with life destroying consequences.